The cholitas are a strong symbol of Bolivia. The iconic bowler hat,the long black braids, the adjusted corset and the brightly colored puffed skirt: their out t is well known all around the world. Discriminated against for a long time, they are now very much a driving force in Bolivia. They are in scenes that were unimaginable 100 years ago, nowadays they have real clout in the economic, political and even fashion worlds of Bolivia. The cholitas have managed to earn their place in modern society without denying their collective past. They are an expression of the dignity of indian populations. They are a symbol of Bolivian womanhood.
In 2014, a group of 11 cholitas decided to climb the Huayna Potosi. They are so brave.
by Peter Verastegui August 1, 2021
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pretty much a tough girl.Usually a female version of a vato. They draw their eyebrows on and wear chuck taylors and carry a glock.
by Mira-la-nena May 17, 2008
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“That’s my little cholita over there. Mamas really going stupid.”
by BigDogYanaBo September 3, 2020
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I am Peruvian, and i use the word Cholo, Chola, Cholita on a daily basis...
It has a very wide realm of deffinitions and feelings behind it. The tone and context can change from something possitive to derrogatory. Sometimes it has to do with ethnicity (being a mestizo), other times with bad taste and lack of education.
I had not been fully aware of the meaning it has in Mexico and the US.. although, after reading many of the posts, I guess it does not lie so much far away.
Mira ese cholo de mierda! - Cholo full of shit
Yo te adoro, mi cholita! ( i love you so.. my dear and gorgeous cholita/ mestizo girl ) - lyrics on many many peruvian, bolivian songs..
Mi cholito/a lindo! (obviously means my dear and beautiful indigenous-spaniard human being)
Ese cholo asqueroso ( that disgusting son of a bitch who doesn't even know what race he is)
Que cholo! ( that also depends on the tone you use.. .but usually, it will be referring to something done with terrible taste)
by Yina March 25, 2007
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That party was full of fine ass cholitas.
I love cholitas but they're cholo boyfriends always give me dirty looks.
by choontie love June 26, 2006
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Molly Renehan's real name. Often used in a dump or on MySpace.
Molly Renehan, aka Spicy Cholita, was carried off by the dump children and never seen again.
by the fat chief March 2, 2009
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