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Slang term for the verb to hit/beat of East African origin; specifically among teenage Ugandan and some Kenyan speakers. Many believe it is coined from the luganda word 'kuba' which also means beat.
Boy 1: I tell you what, bro... The ruthless Afande kubed all the peaceful demonstrators with his big baton.

Boy 2: Mahn! It's typical of Ugandan policemen, all they do is kube all those that can't afford to bribe them.
by bashmutumba February 03, 2017
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Meth head, cocaine addict (snorts bricks through mouth and nose), eats dank poon.
Kubes is a crazy kid.
by sevman2000 November 28, 2016
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Originally used as an alternative to the nickname, Cube, Kube has since been used to represent the name Kuebong.
Guy: Hey Kuebong, how ya doing?
Kuebong: Just call me Kube bro.
by Truth of Ryo January 07, 2012
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Noun. KUBE is an acronym for Keele University Broadcasting Enterprises. Whilst underfunded, produces quality broadcasts I listen to KUBE Radio.
by Coop April 25, 2004
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