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Kracka is a Musician American Rapper

(born October 11, 1986 ) who is a music producer
& multi-instrumentalist who mixes many genres of music who was born on the east coast and is a social critic and loyal underground artist. Kracka appeared on myspace in 2006 as promising artist and catching the attention

of many underground artist. Kracka's first Independent album ''Straight Outta Suburbia'' feature a 30 track aggressive & raw music Kracka released three more albums since then and released his fifth album rightly entitled
"The Unknowable Knowable Lp''

which was released onthe internet on Halloween in the year 2011.Kracka has one Music Video on the internet ''Cosmic Nihilist which is from his fourth album ''Disasterpiece U.S.A'' which is a social political statement as he has stated publicly Kracka after releasing ''The Unknowable Knowable Lp'' produced three diverse extended play albums ''The Cosmic Horror Ep'' which was inspired by horror writter H.P Lovecraft and created a new sound called ''Tribal Hop''
then soon after went back into the studio and recored

''The Zombie Apocalypse Ep'' which was a Horror Punk-Techno album in 2011 inspired by ''Tales from the Darkside'' ''Night of the Living Dead'' & Apocalyptic Literature then at the begining of 2012 Kracka released '
'The Shangri La Ep'' with more Rock & Roll oriented sound.
I know this ''White Kid'' who raps
his name is ''Kracka'' never heard of him.
by nobodyknows April 19, 2012
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Traditional term used to describe the person who whips the slaves, but used by whites, since they can't say nigga.
Word up kracka? Yo ain't know nothin, bout no one, no how.
by Whatabitch_99 September 12, 2005
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