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Kryptonate is a more powerful human form of Nate Robinson and Superman's biggest weakness, Achilles heel, and arch-nemesis (Next to Lex Lurther). Derived from the word kryptonite; Kryptonate is also in all green. Kryptonate wears a Saint Patrick's day green New York Knicks Jersey and shorts, green shoes, and a green sleeve. Kryptonate's biggest unleashed weapon of choice is his green ball which is said to give him extra powers, and said to weaken Superman whenever it's within his radius or whenever it's in use. Kryptonate is the human form of Superman's weakness "Kryptonite." It's said that Superman loses judgment around Kryptonate, which in turn causes Superman to be more vulnerable when around him. It's speculated that that is why Dwight Howard let Nate Robinson jump over him in the 2009 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. It's also argued that Kryptonate makes Superman weaken and lose abilities, ultimately becoming less Superman-like, and more like Dwight Howard. Many theorist proclaim that to be one of the main reasons Dwight Howard finishes weak in the final round of the 2009 Slam Dunk Contest. It is also argued by some that his abilities and judgement confused Dwight enough to even attempt the free throw line dunk, but that isn't yet accepted by the majority.
Kryptonate just owned Superman. Now all that is left of him is just Dwight Howard...
by PeteThePrince February 17, 2009
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