An amazing person who is outstanding in every way beyond perfection.(Examples: kind, nice, intelligent, funny, modest, phenomenal,the best, etc.)
Person 1: there is no word that describes a person as incredible as him
Person 2: yes there is, you're trying to say he's a Kristian!
Person 1: yes! He's a true Kristian!
by Just DiDi July 18, 2013
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A Kristian is someone who is a bit of a goon and is rather clumsy and will do stupid things like tripping on air and walking into doorframes, but they are also very sweet and caring. Kristians are great boyfriends and you will definitly enjoy the sexy times with a Kris. They kinda smell but it's not too bad, mostly of happiness and childrens smiles.
Oh that silly Kristian, walking into a doorframe AGAIN. Ohoho lets go have some tea now because we are british and chortle at his misfortunes.
by KlunkyKATE April 13, 2009
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A short, fat emo kid with brown hair and glasses that watches anime and plays League Of Legends
Person 1: Have you seen Kristian?
Person 2: Yeah, he always munches on crackers while watching anime
by dominoguy11 October 02, 2019
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A guy that walks into a canteen with 1 coupon and asks for double portion
Kristian asks:
Jel moze 2 komada mesa umjesto povrca?
by KisKill March 15, 2019
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The definition of cute. He is so handsome and loving and his eyes are like a puppy. So cute.
Kristian is so cute.
by kristiansgf May 01, 2019
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Kristian... a GIRL who is beautiful and very much talented. Hated by MANY and loved bye MANY! Very much hard to understand. Feels no need of help from anyone, very independent 🤌🏾. Very much MeAn and like to be left alone.. lol! NEVER TELLS YOU A LIE NO MATTER THE OUTCOME, she does not care about your feelings😂... if your hair just isn’t looking right SHE WILL TELL YOU! Someone you can count on to keep her word! A friend who won’t sugar coat anything,WHICH IS BEST FOR YOU! Oh... and hates the word ✨no✨!
Kristian is just that ✨bitch✨
by kdiorrr January 01, 2021
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Kind , Loving , can be a little annoying. Will go out of their way to embarrass themself for others. Loud , violent and Agressive but can be really funny and entertaining.
Kristian is a great person to be around.
by Oml 101 May 18, 2019
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