The biggest goon of them all. Trappin and scrappin. Swagged up to the top and based till the death. Everyone loves him no matter what. He satisfies the ladies and pulls like, Tug-Of-War. No one can come close to being a, "Kristian". He's one of a kind and hard to find, so if you see one around, tell them hello. A "Kristian" is rather social, funny, smart, outgoing, and athletic. Just don't get him confused on bad days, otherwise, you'll be squabbin with him. Don't mess with his Polo Ralph Lauren and you'll be really good friends. All in all, he's the bestestfriend you'll ever meet and someone you want to be around.
Omaigawd it's, Kristian, I'm blessed!

Have you seen his swag?

Have you seen that Ralph Lauren?

He be pullin.

Goon shit.
by Anonymous-K September 14, 2011
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Kristian is a loving brother who is always there for you if you need him he has the best friends and he's great at soccer he has a great sense of humour but when you puss him off you will usuallyend up in a hospital especially if you rude to any of his siblings or friends
Omg have u seen Kristian he's sooo hot
by Cameron-hayden lober May 30, 2017
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Kristian is the name of a pretty great guy. He probably has tan skin, glasses, a nice jaw line, and a pretty nice head of hair. If you're really lucky, he's tall as all hell. They're pretty fun to be around, and will just make your day without even trying. Little do you know, it wasn't so effortless. He trys his hardest every single day to make his friends and loved ones happy. what he hopes for the most is that people notice the things he does for other people and the amount of time he sacrifices. He truly cares about other people more than himself, and wouldn't hesitate for a second to help someone he cares about out when they need it the most. Even when he has to be painfully honest. If you have a Kristian in your life, you're lucky as hell. If you're in love with one, you should be happy to know that he'd be happy to take up a relationship with basically any down to earth person. If a Kristian is in love with you, you're the coolest person on the planet. If you don't love him back, hang around him more, he'll grow on you.
Did you see the birthday gift he got him/her? He's such a Kristian!
I can't believe I'm dating a Kristian, I'm the luckiest guy/girl on the planet!
by KristianLover625 August 09, 2019
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A man / woman that is known to have a very small penis and destined to be a transsexual. One can only hope a Kristian doesn't follow this path.
he is so Kristian
by SHREKBOI696969 December 19, 2018
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A mock Christian. A person who claims to be Christian, but their attitude, morals, beliefs, and actions prove quite the contrary. "Kristian" starting with a 'K' was inspired by "Krab" starting with a 'K'. Mock crab = krab. Mock Christian = Kristian.
"I believe the country would be better off if guided by my Kristian principles."
by Jawn Henry September 20, 2019
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