A girl that will always be there for you no matter what and is perfect for telling things too . You could tell her anything and get great advice back. She's the most prettiest girl ever.if you have her trust then you should keep it cus once you let her go it's gonna be hard for her to see why she ever loved you before . She's caring loveable and takes a very long time to make her explode. She's very intelligent
by Princess.xx.145 January 07, 2018
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A gay boi from little town in norway lmao. He's gay lol. Once he said he was the gayest hah. He's gay. Also: not huge penis!opposite.
Kristian don't have an enormous schlong
by Kristan gay! LoL! October 18, 2018
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An Ugly kid usually has an ugly haircut. Ugly toes and stinks
Per 1 : eww you stink
Per 2 : were you with kristian?!
Per 1 : yuck
by Angelrodriguez February 14, 2016
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Kr-Ch - Person/Persons committed to the belief of the existence of God.

Kristian (To pull A..) - To bring to an abrupt end, a thread and/or topic on an Internet message board.
"Oh Mr.Darcey, However will shall we continue our fleeting romance, now that you have pulled a Kristian all over my facebook page". - Pride and Prejudice - J.Austen
by dionmcbud January 20, 2010
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a wigger who wont admit it.
who is attracted to sluts (maria)
and white girls (vici)
mary: are you white yet?
kristian: wtf yo im ghetto all da way to da hood nikka.

we love you kristian =D
by Vici & Mary January 01, 2008
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an aneroxic whore who can also be bulimic at times
oh look kristian's throwing up again but hasn't eaten anything today whooooaa.
by Dorkkie77 February 29, 2008
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