Krista is the girl who puts everyone else before her. she can sometimes be judgmental and a little mean but never to purposely make someone upset or hurt. she is very social, funny and kinda dumb in school but she could be really smart if she put her mind to it. she loves her guinea pig and loves any kind of potatoes. and she’s stunning ❤️❤️
i just became friends with krista in 5 minutes!
by Krista Canney July 14, 2020
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A persons name who has a MASSIVE FOREHEAD I mean HUGE
Person: u seen Krista
Other person: ye she is not hard to miss with that MASSIVE FOREHEAD
by ALPHAQINBEDATNIGHT January 23, 2020
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A little shit. A person who reminds you of the devil. Someone who doesn't get the clues that you don't like them. Clueless moron.
Stop being such a Krista
by Anonymous 427338.0 January 09, 2017
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The utter definition of Napoleon Complex, the Krista is an ego-driven creature who, in the face of empirically verified incorrectness or culpability, nevertheless argues to the contrary. She is an elusive creature thought to inhabit the Americas, but this is mere conjecture. Those who have reported sightings claim her toes are that of a hobbit, yet her face is that of a smiling goddess. The latter is the source of her mythical power, as she is known for luring in unsuspecting boys who learn all too late that she has a dark side and feeds on their tears. Again, this is speculative, since none who have experienced her dark mania have returned. Her tale is one of folklore whispered ‘round campfires and through the forests of old. Only one can ensnare and tame her, they say, and so the world waits for the rightful suitor to come forth....
Did you hear Jim’s missing? They’re saying the Krista devoured his soul.
by Thetruedefinerofall October 01, 2019
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A stupid demanding controlling ass whore who will cry to get things her way and will drag you on in unnecessaryrelationship
Vruh Krista cried on my birthday/one year because i didn't get her anything even though I took out to mini putting bowling and to the arcade where i won her a giant charmander and gave it to her to keep
by KristaHater0001 March 29, 2018
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Krista rhymes with Rista. The only thing that makes this person interesting is that she's probs dating some guy with a massive chode on his forehead. Probably Always Salty. There's nothing much to it. Is the living embodiment of a trash can.
Person 1: You know who Krista is?
Person 2: Who?
Person 1: You know the girl in our class?
Person 2: Wait what
Person 1: The ones that dating the guy with the massive chode on his head
Person 2: OHHHH THE TRASH CAN. yeah I know her
by Tri-Stand February 19, 2019
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- a amazing beautiful girl with a high tolerance of dealing with bull shit
krista knows who krista is
by wyguy February 15, 2009
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