She is the most beautiful woman in the world! One look at her and you instantly fall in love! Her beauty is match by her amazing personality.... and you can’t ignore her perfect body. She is the best at everything! She's kind, caring, sweet, hilarious, and has an amazing ability to deal with bull shit and give you some right back! She's fearless, but tender! She's always the life of the party and is always a blast to be with! Even tho she says she has her faults, she is PERFECT! She is everyone’s favorite! Everyone wants to be her! She is the sweetest but if you dare to upset her, be ready for something rather unpleasant.

Be careful if you see her! One look and you might fall in love.

And here is a little secret: You probably have NO CHANCE she’ll ever look at you, so move on! Cause this sexy kittycat isn’t looking at everyone the same way!
I love Krista! She’s just so perfect... I want ti be like her!
by BadSerg123 November 09, 2018
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SEXY,SEXY,SEXY! She is nice, sweet, caring, hot, SEXY, and is the best gf a dude could have. She likes younger guys (ME). Is somewhat short;still has time to grow, and is blonde. Not stupid blonde, cuz she is actually pretty smart, but hair color blonde, and will always say yes.
Friend 1 "Thomas is so lucky to have Krista, shes a year older than all of us"
Friend 2 "And the perfect together, a Thomas and a Krista almost match perfectly!"
by T-RAZZ_U_N00B9912 October 26, 2011
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Krista meaning shy, kind, and loyal shes a little nerdy but that's fine if she really cares about you she'll be with you all the way even when you tick her off but watch out she's the type of person that lets things build up until she explodes she tries to fit in her best with the crowd and doesn't like to stand out often quiet but that's fine because she makes up with her personality
Ex: Krista who... Oh that girl she's nice
by Parkjiminarmy September 19, 2019
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She is a smoking hot little cougar with a deceiving sweet girl next door look. She’s soft hearted but fierce, wicked smart, hilarious, and insatiable. Be careful, she will seduce you with her sexy curves and big, brown eyes and leave you always wanting more. But don’t give her alcohol or she will become a handful! She may end up having a threesome and will demand to be the center of attention! You will never have more fun or feel more loved than with her. She is just what you need.
Krista may say no, but if you give her some Fireball, she’ll having you fucking her against the wall in no time!
by Big Easy1970 February 04, 2019
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Krista’s tend to be VSCO girls and very fun to be around with, Krista’s know lots of tea but once they get a boyfriend they forget all about you. If you have a krista hold on to them because they

leave pretty quickly.😥
lily: Hey do you guys wanna hangout today?

Ali: Sure sound fun

Mina: Of course buddy

Krista: i HaVe pLanS WitH mY bOyFRiEnd sORry.
by swagger.wagger June 20, 2019
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A Krista is a very crazy and funny person. She loves to be out and about but also loves to just sleep. One think to know about a Krista is that they always seek attention. Another thing they often do is leave their real friends for what they think is better. A Krista is very beautiful, athletic, funny, loud, calm, and basically not youre basic girl.
"Omg I really like her, shes so pretty."
"Dude she has a boyfriend."
"Did you see Krista today?"
"Yeah she looked so good but ignored me." :/
by Bitch Baker February 13, 2019
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A dirty whore who enjoys to ruin other peoples' lives, relationships and fun. Usually blonde, and very easy..... Likes to sleep around
Bro 1--- "Dude..... You want to get with HER!?!"
Bro 2--- "I don't give a fuck. At least she's no krista"
by hahaahahaahahaha January 18, 2010
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