She is a smoking hot little cougar with a deceiving sweet girl next door look. She’s soft hearted but fierce, wicked smart, hilarious, and insatiable. Be careful, she will seduce you with her sexy curves and big, brown eyes and leave you always wanting more. But don’t give her alcohol or she will become a handful! She may end up having a threesome and will demand to be the center of attention! You will never have more fun or feel more loved than with her. She is just what you need.
Krista may say no, but if you give her some Fireball, she’ll having you fucking her against the wall in no time!
by Big Easy1970 February 04, 2019
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A beautiful,smart, funny,charming girl who is located in the northern california city of Petaluma. Has a great smile and will stay up for hours on skype talking to you.
She has many krista qualities in her.
by kjc1187 May 23, 2011
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Krista is definitely one of a kind. Truthfully, she is full of layers. Beautiful, intelligent, absolutely hysterical, and one very underrated & overlooked quality about her is that she's quite the wordsmith. She's direct, but respectful. She's strong-willed, but a total softy. She's confident, yet modest. She does this thing where she talks a lot and thinks that others think she's overdoing it, so she apologizes for the ramble. Krista makes jokes and before the other person can respond, she says "just kidding" because she has such a big heart that she doesn't want to risk offending anyone for even a moment, and it's one of her many redeeming qualities. She's that book in the bookstore that catches your eye so you pick it up and immediately you want to read it because you think it's going to be good, but what you didn't realize until you get a few chapters in, is that there is so much more to it than most realize, it's so much deeper & meaningful than anything you've ever come across, it's so much better than you originally imagined, and you can't even fathom of ever putting it down, and any other book you read feels like a waste of time because deep down, you know that nothing could ever top it. And instantly, it becomes your favorite. I will marry her.

Trust me, she's pretty frickin' great!
"Have you ever met someone that you'll just never be able to forget?"

"Yeah, her name is Krista"
by Run_CMC June 12, 2020
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A delicious, rare, quivering cup of coffee with Italian cream inside. Its flavor is bold yet sweet, and a little sour. Contains nearly as much caffeine as espresso. It is very expensive and can be found exclusively in New Jersey.
& it tastes great with baked ziti!
Mmmmmmmmmm, I just had me the most delicious cup of krista EVER! Now where's my baked ziti at?
by kr1574 July 24, 2009
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A dirty whore who enjoys to ruin other peoples' lives, relationships and fun. Usually blonde, and very easy..... Likes to sleep around
Bro 1--- "Dude..... You want to get with HER!?!"
Bro 2--- "I don't give a fuck. At least she's no krista"
by hahaahahaahahaha January 18, 2010
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