Krista rhymes with Rista. The only thing that makes this person interesting is that she's probs dating some guy with a massive chode on his forehead. Probably Always Salty. There's nothing much to it. Is the living embodiment of a trash can.
Person 1: You know who Krista is?
Person 2: Who?
Person 1: You know the girl in our class?
Person 2: Wait what
Person 1: The ones that dating the guy with the massive chode on his head
Person 2: OHHHH THE TRASH CAN. yeah I know her
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by Tri-Stand February 19, 2019
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most kristas are beautiful and kind and funny and they will always be there for you, sometimes they might stab you in the back but they will always care about you
krista is so funny!
by heyhi12233 September 26, 2018
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Krista is usually the one to start up drama, she absolutely loves the attention! She isn’t a very good friend to girls but really knows how to flirt with the boys. She will steal your man and not even feel bad. She tends to not realize when she is in the wrong and is oblivious to how much drama she causes.
Krista is a troublemaker but the boys love her because of her flirting
by realgurl12 November 05, 2018
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Guys yall giving me way too much credit im a Krista IM A FUCKING IDIOT tf kinda Kristas yall know????
"omg krista is such a idiot she be fully dunse"
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by ThatBitchKriss October 31, 2019
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Krista is the girl who puts everyone else before her. she can sometimes be judgmental and a little mean but never to purposely make someone upset or hurt. she is very social, funny and kinda dumb in school but she could be really smart if she put her mind to it. she loves her guinea pig and loves any kind of potatoes. and she’s stunning ❀️❀️
i just became friends with krista in 5 minutes!
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by Krista Canney July 14, 2020
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