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A girl who thinks she is ugly and thinks no one likes her. But she is really pretty and people secretly like her. She is talkie talkie and that's why everyone loves her! She is a great and smart friend that every boy should die for
"Mina is such a good friend."
by Ohlookitsme1234 May 08, 2017
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A smart, tall, and stubborn girl. she acts tough on the outside but she is very sweet once getting to know her. she is quite stubborn and doesn't hesitate to give her opinion on something-especially if its icecream! she is not the lovely-dovey kind of person and is not usually girly, bottomline, she is beautiful inside and out and anyone who doesn't like her needs to get a life! all the guys would be lucky to have her, she is also known to be very sassy at times. she can make you laugh or get upset easily, and she is very protective of her friends and you should never underestimate her true power.
Girl 1: she's so awesome!
Girl 2: who?
Girl 1: Mina! everyone likes her! im so jealous!
Girl 2: Yeah...a cat warrior!
Girl 1: i wish i could be like her...
by TheDerpWarrior October 12, 2017
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Lovely, lively , sexy , pretty , beautiful, hot , positive, sensitive , romantic but a savage in bed , emotional, a girl that all the guys beg to date , everyone admires her and whoever doesn't probably doesn't have a taste in life , gets jealous easily but never shows it and never shows that she got offended, hurt or that she losed in something , she is a really positive and a helpful person , loves to help ppl without a reward . Ppl underestimate her abilities to do something . She is a secret keeper , everyone would die to be w/ her if they only knew the real Mina , she doesn't show her sexiness a lot but she is the sexiest girl on the planet she has an amazing , perfect butt, boobs,lips and everything . Shortcut she is amazing inside and outside
Mina is my bestest friend ever cz she is pretty inside and outside.
by UnicorrnnBbbaaaeee February 04, 2017
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Mina, the cute fun kinda person people admire , she has a kind golden heart and doesn't hesitate to give her opinion. You can count on her to listen to you ;and keep your secret a secret. She doesn't realise how much people admire her for her beauty, sexiness, kindness and how clever she is. She's the 'girl next door' type; who any guy would be lucky to have!

The name means little in Spanish and cute in Persian.
Guy#1: I need her !
Guy#2: who?
Guy#1: Mina! She's so cute and funny and somehow sexy!!
by Totorofan#1 December 22, 2012
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Myoui Mina, or better known as Mina, is member of Kpop girl group Twice. Mina was born on March 24 1997 in San Antonio Texas but moved to Japan when she was a baby. Mina is undoubtably one of the most beautiful people ever and has been named the most beautiful Japanese of all time.
Mina from Twice is super beautiful!
Mina’s voice is so beautiful and soft wow!
I love Mina so much!
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by Ladybugpug November 01, 2018
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