A very beautiful woman, breathtaking and she knows it. Holds a grudge forever and never forgets you when she is mad. Hard not to love her She is unforgettable. She has a perfect face and body. She is very vain but worth all the trouble to get close to her. She is easy to make blush and loves to be told how cute she is. Perfect booty.
I yelled at her when she was 12 and 7 years later she is still mad at me, such a Krista.
by iamno1atall April 04, 2010
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Definition 1: A sexy bitch with nice tits and a hot booty.


Definition 2: A good pair of breasts, with supple feel and amazing texture.
Example 1: Mclovin: Hey man, that's one of the hottest girls I've ever seen.
Seth: Yeah dude, she's definitely a "krista".

Example 2: Seth: Let's catch a glimpse of those warlocks.
Evan: It's not like they made them smaller, they completely reshaped them and turned them into "kristas".
by your mom 987517 February 26, 2008
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"Hey Brad whats up? You look so Krista today"

"Thanks friend!"
by Jon Curtis September 06, 2008
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A very beautiful, cute, smart and flirty girl that loves to talk with her friends. She is usually around 12-18, but 18 its her luckiest year. She will have the chance to meet old friends and travel the world. A Krista is usually shy but once you get to know her she is the best, and a very great friend. Krista loves her friends sooo much, she'll never want to loose them or loose great friendship with them, so don't loose your Krista because her life wouldn't be as great as it was when you were in it.
First day with Krista: Wow Krista, your such a great friend. *making inside jokes with Krista, flirting with her, talking to her everyday all day, loving her (:*
A few years or months later: Who, Krista?, Oh, I don't talk to her much anymore. *Krista is heart broken but doesn't want to show it*
by Unknown (: March 22, 2010
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simply amazing. A girl that falls in life easy and will steal your heart. Although she loves you, she loves others, too. Rebellious and cute, she is beautiful in the face and has a killer body. Amazing at making love and has a deep and large sexual desire, but she isn't easy. She loves to fight and argue only because she loves making up. A good kisser and a tease, she can seduce any man. Even though she's amazing, don't get attached or you'll only get heartbroken when she leaves you for someone you hate and the only person you're jealous of.
I saw a girl walking out of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints earlier who looked like a total Krista.
by badoon May 23, 2010
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Krista meaning shy, kind, and loyal shes a little nerdy but that's fine if she really cares about you she'll be with you all the way even when you tick her off but watch out she's the type of person that lets things build up until she explodes she tries to fit in her best with the crowd and doesn't like to stand out often quiet but that's fine because she makes up with her personality
Ex: Krista who... Oh that girl she's nice
by Parkjiminarmy September 19, 2019
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A very athletic girl who is very tempted to beat anyone. Finding a krista is very rare. krista is very nice and competetive.she likes to play games,but she will always beat you no matter what.maybe not the fisrt time but she will practice till she does.loves sports.krista has the most cutest eyes and freckles.hits her head on sealing fans a lot . she is my maze that i have yet to complete.and my missing peice.kristas tend to like monkys.A LOT.we are so young and still have a long life to live .and nothing els can take me away ecsept her.She is the love of my life and i cant wait to be married.I LOVE KRISTA SO MUCH. cant wait till im an aduilt
by bubba+krista August 11, 2018
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