The nickname given to a dependable blue collar grunt type of person always in the background doing the hard work supporting the hero, leader or boss but never getting the glory or basking in the limelight. A common name used by the American film industry for a minor supporting actor's character.
Because Corporal Bradshaw always accomplished the mission without incident or drama and never received recognition from his superiors, the platoon called him Kowalski.
by zeb zotop April 23, 2010
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One of the most common Polish surnames (quite common also among Americans of Polish origin). Used to be the most typical surname, now holds second place (after Nowak).

The origin of the surname comes from word "kowal" what means blacksmith in Polish.
Used as an archetype of common citizen.
"Jan Kowalski" corresponds to "John Smith" in US.

Used in sample pictures of documents, credit cards etc. Often used in jokes.
by rgergverthe May 28, 2012
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A polish surname. Kowalski’s are sweet and caring with a great sense of humor.
“Have you met my girl friend, she’s a Kowalski”
by CastAway409 January 14, 2021
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an unrepentent cat toy breaker
Fosh kowalskied poor Sammy's squeaky toy. : (

He denied responsibility, claiming "I don't have to look where I'm walking!"
by gracesdecember May 06, 2008
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