Used to describe a smooth, mesmirizing, nonchalantly sexy personality. These fortunate beings have a way that knows how to carress your soul. Most don't seem to notice their extreme sex appeal, or either they just do not care. Their presence is of mystery.
"Ellie! I just shit myself!"
"That bradshaw just loosened me up with his profound nature and velvet voice. We gotta go!!"
by Earthlinga August 8, 2006
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Noun: "a Bradshaw" or verb: "to Bradshaw"

RAF slang for gash navigator who has to follow railway lines in order to get back home. In reference to popular 19th century guides for rail travellers produced by George Bradshaw.
After knocking back a few Krauts, Nigel always has to Bradshaw his way back to base!

Nigel you're such a Bradshaw!
by raffaff December 18, 2013
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To get a large group of people super fucking excited about something they've been waiting for BUT IT'S A LIE. THE WAITING MUST CONTINUE.
Didn't mean to Bradshaw you guys when I said the housing email was out!
by Randomhighnote August 12, 2015
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The art of using a long ranged melee weapon to decimate your opponent in mortal combat.
Holy shit I jus bradshaw'd that entire fuckin team
by Yatoplayz December 5, 2020
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A closed-minded, ignorant, ugly man or woman who sub-consciously practices racism, sexism, and homophobia and every other phobia or ism there is. Is always wrong about everything.
"That guy thought Rise Against was a metal band. What a fucking Bradshaw!"

"God, he talks the talk but he sure doesn`t walk the walk. Total Bradshaw."

ex. Everything older than 5 minutes is unknown and soggy; "old people music"
by Jim Joenathan February 19, 2011
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1) The act of receiving a good or service for significantly less than market value

2) To barter the price of a good or service down to a previously unrealistic level

3) To receive a good, service, or experience for free by manipulating the rules and regulations of a game
"How much did you pay for that vacation?"
"Not a penny! I Bradshawed my way there using my credit card points I 'earned' by 'buying money."
by hashtagPizzaBoy June 17, 2017
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To horde office supplies for your pleasure or amusement since you are tightwadded, dust farting, old goat.
Do we have any more paperclips? No, someone bradshawed all of them.
by MphRebel June 10, 2008
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