When something doesn't make sense, so you need to analyze it further and figure out wtf it means.
When you install AdBlock but all the hot singles in your area disappear.
Kowalski analysis.
by lacrynx February 9, 2019
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1. Used by Gay people in comment section when they have nothing to comment

2.When a hypothetical thing happens
Greg: That was crazy. Thank God I am an atheist
Kowalski Analysis
by Elderly Bitch October 31, 2018
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Something my retard brother named zunkerduke says all the time
Who is Ceeday, Kowalski Analysis, Irrelevant
by Your Nan's Mom December 10, 2018
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A meme that takes it's roots from the Penguins of Madagascar series, featuring a team of 4 commando penguins.

The quote itself is commonly used in the series by the Penguins' leader - Skipper, to ask for an analysis of the situation, in order to take proper precautions.

The meme itself is used in various comment sections.
Skipper: Kowalski analysis!
Kowalski: This must be the work of an enemy stand, sir.
by Invalnorious November 9, 2018
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