an exclamation used to say that someone is lying
devonte: i got an A on my midterm
andre: kowal
by kepper556 July 21, 2011
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Yo that nigga got kowaled
yo lets go kowal that nigga
by Game April 17, 2006
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To trick some one.


To Trick
To Kowall
I kowalled this girl to fuck me.

I skipped the whole day of school and the next day I kowalled all my teachers and im not in shit no more.
by Whybena January 18, 2009
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To get screwed over.
-I payed a guy $5000 for Rolex and he gave me a Ro-mex!!
-Oh, you got kowaled.
by Chaneyney August 11, 2006
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A Kowal is one of the most elite gamers usually mobile games such as COD, and one of the smartest people you know, But is lazy. A Kowal is someone that could make you laugh and never gives up easily.
Damn that guy is so smart, yea but he does no work and only plays video games he must be a "kowal"
by Ultra Nub December 10, 2019
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A big noob who sucks at gaming and is dumb
Kowal is a noob
by dewwiiw December 10, 2019
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