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Kooter is a slang word made up by Evil Odin and Pissing Razorz to define a pussy or Vaginal orrifice
"Pardon me Miss, do yo shave your Kooter?"
by Xekonaphim September 17, 2003
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The female sex organ. Can also be spelled with a c. "Cooter."
Wow, my kooter is on fire!
Man, her kooter smells!
I have to go to the doctor to have my kooter looked at.
I have an infection in my kooter.
by Goldielocks239 May 06, 2009
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Kooters is a way to describe something as cool or sick , mad, good etc
"man that bitch has got a kooters ass"
that guy luwii sure has kooters hair
by luwii johnson May 25, 2009
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The process of discharging one's bowels onto a man or womans anus and then proceeding to thrust one's penis in the the anus, ramming the feces into their partners anus.
"I wanted to take our love to the next level so instead of preforming a Ceveland Steamer I gave her a kooter."

"Sorry guys I can't eat Mexican food with yall tonight...I think I'm going to finally kooter Perry and I don't want the runs"

"Hey I clogged your toilet...Must have been the extra shit from when I got kootered last night."
by Campidious January 07, 2007
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its the time in a boys life when he starts to think about shoving it in some girls poochie
"Dude im old enough to Kooter"
by DyNaMo February 25, 2003
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