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(adj.) to follow a social or philanthropic movement blindly
"Yo dude, you Kony'd the shit out of that cause"
"Yeah, I don't even know where Uganda is!"
by philnobs March 07, 2012
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To all the dumb motherfuckers still posting links to Kony films...
You should be posting links and gratitude towards the people that helped those children when you were watching Anime and chatting it up on facebook for the last ten years.
Stupid viral sheep.
"public awareness" My ass, most of you have no idea about the history of Uganda, have not studied the complicated issues of the tribal country.
Most of you are brain-dead tarts that get used for propaganda reasons for a reason.
"I will help by posting a link" No bitch you should help by getting to your local red cross center as well as many other organizations and people who work in Africa daily so the kids have something to eat or drink.
Pick up history books while you are in the process as well.
Maybe you will understand how all of this came about at some point of clarity in your zombie brains.
-person shares video about kony-
"pass this on! we can save uganda together!"

no bitch, no you cant.
by ahnojustno March 07, 2012
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1) Black African scapegoat for all of the problems affecting Africa's universally infantilized population. Something so heinous that only white saviours can fix through the power of facebook.

2) A way for white people to make money off of black people's problems using fancy gadgets (other ways include slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism, rap music).

3) Someone who is worse than Adolf Hitler, Benito Moussolini, Josef Stalin, King Leopold II, Benyamin Netanyahu, George W Bush (who we could still try for war crimes if we actually organized for it), Saddam Hussein, Alberto Fujimori, Kim Jong Il, Indira Gandhi, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Ferdinand Marcos, Sargon of Akkad, Enver Pasha, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, and Julius Caesar combined!!! Why?

(yall just hate him cus he's black)
"Awwww man, Robert Mugabe? That foo is so KONY!!"
by dialogallthings March 08, 2012
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man that jerk is such a kony
man that guy is so kon'n
they're all just konies
by aziz March 06, 2012
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Stands for the "King Of New York", in Hip-Hop terms.
Past KONYs have been Rakim, Nas, Jay-Z, and DMX.
by Rua March 30, 2005
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