Movement that allows anyone using facebook or twitter with half a brain think they are a hardcore activist even though their only source of information is from a Youtube video.
Typical Facebook status: "WE NEED TO GET BRING PEACE. KONY 2012."
by HerpDerper March 09, 2012
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A campaign by Invisible Children Inc with the intention of making as much money for its founders as possible: otherwise known as a "scam." Last year Invisible Children pocketed over $5,000,000 (not counting salaries) and only gave 24% of their revenue to African countries. This year, with the widespread familiarity of their new viral video "Kony 2012," will bring even MORE profits to the fraud charity's owners.
Gullible teen girl: Stop Kony and support Invisible Children! Kony 2012!!!

Me: Go Phony 2012!!!!
by theyareanythingbutvisible March 10, 2012
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An annoying documentary on Joesph Kony by Jason Russell (who is also the founder of the Invisible Children Organization) that went viral in March 2012 on every social networking website. Joesph Kony is a warlord in Uganda who abducts children, forces them to kill their parents and serve his army. Jason Russell and his supporters want to make Kony famous in order to make the US armed forces go to Uganda and arrest him by gaining support from members of US congress and celebrities. The whole thing is very annoying. What Kony is doing is definitely a crime against humanity, however why should the US armed forces be bugged about this? Last time we checked the US armed forces were a group of soldiers to eliminate THREATS not a group of mercenaries that will kill anybody that others don't like. We have sent 100 troops to Uganda however they are inactive once they get there. Honestly if these people want Kony dead so bad Jason Russell and his supporters should have a fundraiser, go to Uganda, by cheap AK and AKM type rifles from a local dealer and hunt him down themselves. You are not fighting a war by bugging others to fight it for you. Quit bugging the US military for everything they're not a commissioning service. The supporters should also stop bashing anybody who does not care about the situation as it is not mandatory. The activism for a good cause but has terrible demands.
Person1:Did you get a kony 2012 video on your wall?

Person2: Yeah, those idiots think they're helping by liking the video and bashing anybody who does not want to get involved.

Person1: I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
by Ekim_ March 21, 2012
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A stupid campaign made by the controversial organization, Invisible Children, urging people to share some 30 minute long video that will somehow make Joseph Kony, a criminal in Africa, "famous." They clearly don't realize that the word they were looking for was "infamous," or that Mr. Kony hasn't even been very active for years now. One of the central figures in the organization, Jason Russell, had a public, drunk, naked melt down two weeks after this. Apparently it was just too much success.
Person who does no research: Yeah, KONY 2012! Save the Africans!

Person who does research: Good luck with that, idiot.
by Rainbow Crash April 03, 2012
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Mainstream shit, that everyone started caring about in the past week, even though, this example of it, has been going on for quite a while, and on a worldwide basis, the crisis, that it points out, has been going on for years everywhere.
(the video points out a certain person, named Joseph kony, Leader of a resistance army, who is responsible, for the murder of many innocent people, along with his soldiers.)
Ex-1- -Fred- "Omg Chris, Did you hear about that Kony2012 thing, it is life changing!"

-Chris- "Ugh, that is the biggest load of bullshit in the world! Shit like this has been happening for years, the only reason people care for this Kony2012 Bullshit, is because some faggot, a few people care about, put someone on blast, over youtube!"

Ex-2. Kony2012 was the bigggest waste of 30 minutes, of my life.. And i have done some pretty wasteful stuff..
by OdinBorson March 09, 2012
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