When a member of a team does outstandingly well and does most of the work leading his team to victory.

Used prevalently in League of Legends.
"Dude you guys wouldn't have won if your ADC didn't get fed. He carried you hard."
by FixingThings January 14, 2013
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When somebody on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is leading your team by a lot and that team wins.
"Get Carried kid!"

"LOL I Carried y'all"
by lol i carried you February 2, 2010
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When a team member is dragged through content in spite of their lack of skill, relying on better players.
Byrth got fuckin CARRIED in tonight's Fafnir.
by fist-packer February 15, 2019
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When a teammate in a game is absolutely saving you and helping you to catch the dub.
damn bro, my back hurts because i just carried the whole team.
by Axelmycat January 5, 2021
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When your friends carry you to get a video game achievement or win
by Ozmataz February 3, 2020
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Used in Newry, Ireland, to refer to someone that is a bit crazy or mentally challanged.
by Andy Mc Parland September 4, 2006
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She's an independent woman who is always willing to try new things. She's very open minded and adventurous. Very beautiful but doesn't realize it and probably won't believe you when you tell her. She's stubborn like that. Fun to hang out with and easy to get along with, she usually doesn't like conflict and tries her best to avoid it. However, she'll always be the first one willing to defend her friends and family under any circumstance. She very protective of them. She very choosy when it comes to who she chooses to be friends with, but she is extremely loving and fiercely loyal to those she finds worthy. Be grateful if you have a Carrie in your life. You'll never find another like her.
Dude - Carrie you're amazingly awesome . :)
Carrie - No, I'm not. I honestly don't see why you think that.
Dude - Yes you are Carrie
Carrie - No...(interrupted)
Dude - Yes you are.

Dude - Wow, did that girl seriously just do that?
Guy - Yeah, she very adventurous. I wouldn't have the guts to do that.
Dude - Yeah she's a total Carrie.
by kayitzah May 18, 2013
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