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A sweet and mysterious girl who all around the BEST! She's someone who understands you.
Cool is the right word for Koki.
by Oyamoon May 04, 2010
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Kokis is slang for Coca-Cola in the Finnish language.

I've also heard that it's a Sri Lankan dish, but Coca-Cola is better.
"Voidaaks ostaa kokista?" = "Can we buy some kokis/coke/coca-cola/cola/whatever?"

"I love kokis!"
by tom_valedro October 26, 2012
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An angry hermit who rants about how he hates the world and loves men. Usually impotent but is known to bang guys anyway. Caution: may hump leg CAUTION: May call you and your whole family faggots
Man that guy is such a Koki, Koki's getting jealous
by Macalicious March 20, 2003
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Unstable boy with a fettuccine fetish, you should beware his wrath.
He is a Koki, do not interact with him. if you must, giving him fettuccine noodles will get you off of his hit list.
by George the saucy bowl of sauce October 25, 2018
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This is a phrase frequently used by English-speaking males when they can't understand what the hell the Japanese are saying. Used in conjunction with “Oh” this is said after the japanese (mostly males) start pretending to masterbate, saying "ooki hando partii!" or "Australian Bigger, but Japanese quality better." This means that people are a little scared of the Japs and usually say "Piss off blood oval eyes!"

Nathan; Aussie Male: Where's the Train Station?
Yasumi; Jap 1 (male): Do you have an ooki chinko? (Big dick)
Nathan: i know you?
Koki; Jap 2 (male): Do you remmeber my name? I am Koki.
Rory; Aussie Male 2: Eto........(japanese for umm).
Yasumi and Koki: OOKII HANDO PARTII!
Angus; Aussie Male 3: Rightio.......
Koki: Do you remember my name?
Yasumi: Australian Bigger, but Japanese quality better.

Aussies run away....
3 Months Later
Rory:Eto..........*Nathan stabs*
Nathan: Your name is Oh koki!
Angus and Ross (Aussie Male 4): Rightio.........Crag muff muff!
Angus: I figure Oh Koki! I'm exclaiming my annoyance or confusion at our situation.
Ross: Whatever. Eat crag gyuunyuu.

This means that the Japanese then say "Do you remember my name?", a question which haunts the victim forever.
Angus: Crag makes me feel like I'm in Japan, he's such a koki.
by Ross MacLeod December 09, 2007
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