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Has an amazing personality, Can make every one laugh and like to put a smile on everyone's face even if Kobi can't put one on her own. Kobi enjoys doing dumb things, And will be put through things no one could imagine. Kobi is a stunning person and strong.
Kobi, Loyal, Loved, Strong, God
by Tupac185 July 22, 2009
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1.The most awesome man in the entire world

2.Has amazing eyes that change in light and sometimes Kobi's hair changes as well

3.This person is even more manly than a man named Evan
Evan - You are very manly
Kobi - Yes, more manly than you.
Evan - I have to comply

You have amazing eyes, you're so Kobi.
by AP3rs0n April 16, 2009
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To throw something with absolute accuracy and skill.
eg. in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare or Halo after killing someone directly with a grenade perfectly you scream KOBI! the only exception is a sticky which must be stuck to the opponents head to be considered KOBI!
by Mooley Mac Daddy! February 02, 2010
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Kobi is a lively character who is very funny. He is a sporty person who has a determination to do well. Kobi is a nice and caring person, but has a wild side if he gets triggered. Kobi has a very intulectual brain but does not realise his full capability.
Max - Hi is Kobi around?
Tyrese - Nah sorry he's out.
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by Kobswebs July 25, 2018
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A Kobi is known for having incredibly intimate relations with peanut butter. Kobi's are the lowest society has to offer. They don't shower for weeks on end and suffer from ADHD and severe depression. Kobi's also are found hiding in their rooms, surrounded by peanut butter and playing the latest COD. He will also be found knee deep in anime pornography, commonly referred to as hentia. They also are known to love younger women or very distasteful freaks typically named jiovanna. Never meet one. It will ruin your day and your life.
That dude is such a Kobi, I can smell the peanut butter from here.
by Gay chicken fucker February 08, 2017
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A nickname for a woman that sounds like it's for a man.
Me - Hi Kobi. Are you still a woman?
Kobi - Yes. Yes I am.
by Luan March 02, 2005
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