2 definitions by Christostorous III

1:Involves a woman eating out a guy's ass while concurrently tugging him off.
2:A trumpet that has been exposed to too much salty water. Probably the salt included with semen.
"Dude, I like soo got the best rusty trumpet last night. Fuck sexual intercourse."

"My trumpet is getting rather rusty. Tug over this this 2 ohm resistor instead. "Oh! 2 ohms! FASTER! Ohhh..."
by Christostorous III October 10, 2006
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1; someone who is a complete and utter pillock. Is far from a likeable character and has an IQ drowned so much in negativity that they can't possibly realise how much of a belching vagina they are. What a knob

2; a projecting part, usually round, forming the handle of a door. Symbollock of a swollen testicle. From the latin <i> swoolen testicle a knobi</i>

3;Now this one is a bit naughty kiddies. Is also a slang term commonly used to refer to the male genetalia.
Translation; "what a fucking knob" : "what a fucking male genital" (the male 'package' consitsing of a scrotum and a penis)
by Christostorous III October 5, 2006
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