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An Armenian girl who's name means 'harp' like the musical instrument. Girls named Knar are usually hot and tend to have big asses
Damnnn, look at that Knar..
He really knows how to play the Knar!
by Haykaz September 12, 2010
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Knar is more then just a word, it’s a complete lifestyle. Discovered by earlier shredders of world, these early snow dawgs wanted a word to describe the surreal lifestyle of the mountain. After taking in all the beautiful things that a snow paradise contains, the riders decided to call it β€œthe knar.”
"woah dude check that majestic knar squirrel"
"shread the knar"
"live by knar, die by the knar"
"dude, do you think you'll ever leave the knar to go work with the anti-knar, toronto?"
by westlife March 04, 2008
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a word for f-ing awesome. mostly hesh skaters n rastafarian cool cats say it. only the coolest of the cool say it..
Dude, that sesh was so knar

how f-ing knar was that dude?!

guy1: dude did ya check out that backside 50 50?
guy2:shyeah dude. it was pretty knar if ya know what i mean
by Sierra G. January 02, 2005
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A name of an Armenian girl who tends to be clingy and crazy. People with this name tend to spy on you and get extremely jealous. Once you meet a girl named Knar you will usually remain in her life forever even if you want to leave. It is best to stay away from a Knar if you want to remain sane in your life. However, if you want some action in your love life then go and date a Knar!
"I'm running away from Knar!"
"Knar has me on GPS."
"Knar broke up with me, but she still follows me around."
by TRay5000 May 24, 2016
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