A shelf from a certain store or place
You probably got that shit straight off the kliff at Walmart
by Brett the great NCG October 31, 2016
A spliff (weed and tobacco joint) with a lot of kief.
Dude, I just rolled a massive kliff.
by pussylips3000 February 18, 2016
a really gay kid who goes to episcopal and blows at baseball. He tries to talk shit to pat mullen and doesn't reallizied he would get fucked up. he looks like Beavis with acne.
by beavis March 22, 2005
When team mate-1 known as the "door-man" hangs on the end of a door(in pull-up position) and team mate-2 known as the "pusher" than swings the door open with appropriate force causing the door-man to hopefully swing into the person sitting closest to the door known as the " vicinity known as the "klick" and farts on the victim. After this is accomplished, both fat-ass team mates(dont kid yourselves, you know you'r fat)evacuate the area as if they were being chased down by bigfoot. (wink wink)
jimmy hung on the end of a door and gave melissa a cleveland kliff-hanger.
by heather jimmyson October 30, 2006
Standing for: For Whom The Bell Tolls this is a somewhat cover of the Metallica song of the same name. The cover was created by dronemetalists Sunn O))) (pronounced sun).
I hate Lars so much what a d-bag he makes me want to listen to F.W.T.B.T. (I Dream of Lars Ulrich Being Thrown Through the Bus Window Instead of My Mystikal Master Kliff Burton) all day long!

rip cliff burton
an action word that means to breath deeply and blow mucus from the nose to a face of another person in rapid motion.
Hey watch it snothead! stop kliffing me, go do it to your sister!
by Green Pattern April 27, 2009