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Weapon or gun that shoots plastic or small metal pallets.It is usually used by kids or teens trying to look tough. Most of them look like real guns so it can be used for bluffing.
If we are in trouble at the party, draw out the bb gun.
by piebeeallin January 27, 2008
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bb gun: A type of gun that shoots bbs and/or pellets. It is not a firearm but it can be as fast as 1000 FPS. bb guns are commonly used for competition and target shooting. Lots of teenagers think they look cool by shooting it because some look like real guns. They use it to shoot windows and other peoples property just to be ass holes. If you get one threat it like a real gun. Be safe.
My brother and i both got bb guns to target shoot.
by sniper21 June 11, 2010
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someting that if not used under parental supervision can result in lots of hurtness
ouch the damn bb gun hurt me again
by lalalaicanthearyou September 14, 2003
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A device resembling a traditional firearm, that when fired is indicative that the operator is victorious in his chosen endeavor. For it's inverse please see Apple Sauce.

We won! We Won! We shot that BB Gun!
by DJ Felony March 07, 2009
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The name of the back seat on the passenger's side.

If it's a coupe, it's the trunk. If someone already called shotgun, you're fucked.
James: I call shotgun!
Nick: I call pistol!
Tom: Dammit, I call bb gun.
by Eric Cardona October 12, 2014
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Something you shoot like it's a gun. It's REALLY PAINFUL. Don't go shit near it or else it will hurt hard as fuck
Maddie: Justin shot Max with a BB GUN
Tom: Dam
by I_Nigga February 08, 2019
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