someone who is very special to another person
sam is kate's lucky charm because she is small and green
by KATMANTHA May 15, 2004
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Lucky Charms is the best cereal. The best part is 100% the marshmallow bits because they are colorful and some of them are shaped like unicorns. The mascot for lucky charms is a little leprechaun and some dumb kids are always trying to steal his treasure. Stay away from Sir Charms.
Lucky Charms are magically delicious!!!
by lil.wayne March 9, 2019
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A delicious cereal that would taste a zillion times if it didn't have the cereal part. The marshmallows are amazing chalky deliciousness.
Girl-Yum. Lucky Charms. **Opens Lucky Charm box to find all the marshmallows already eaten.**

Girl-**shoots herself**
by holly the ginger kid. May 15, 2007
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Possibly the best cereal ever created. It's contents are little wheat pieces and tiny colorful marshmallows, but people eat it for the marshmallows. I know i do.
Jessy: Hey Fred, do you want some Lucky Charms?

Fred: Not only do i want Lucky Charms, i want a shit load of them, and i want to have them now!
by Ivana Yamama February 7, 2009
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The output of a misconfigured printer, you get Lucky Charms! (hearts, clovers, happy faces, diamonds, etc).
Shit, your printer is not configured right, you are getting Lucky Charms!
by PentaCrow December 19, 2003
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When someone picks through a mixed bag of any particular food item, and picks out their favorite of the bag... leaving all the undesired food items behind.
"Sara just lucky charmed that bih!! All that's left in the chex mix is the stupid pretzels!"
by LeighAnnSara June 21, 2008
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