She is shy at first but once you get to meet her she is one crazy motherfucker . She is kind, funny,and just amazing to be friends with. She is the only person you would want to be with at any time. Kimberly will cheer you up if you are sad. If you mess with Kimberly she would kill you. - This is true

Also Kimberly love's cookie's and will be there for you no matter what. She is almost always sad but never show's it
she also probably loves fnaf
Who is she
Kimberly why?
I love her just by looking at her
via giphy
by Myth-Afton November 27, 2020
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Hmmm.... What to say about this girl... How about the fact she is always there at the right times to cheer me up no matter the problem. She is the type of girl you can only wish to be with or even talk to and anyone who gets to do so is very very VERY lucky. The type of girl that can have a mean side but yet you can't be mad at her for it. To be honest I'm not even scared of her mean side;P She is super cute and beautiful. I don't just say that I mean it even though those words are used so much these days. But I don't care cause I wouldn't describe her in any other way. The type of girl who sometimes doesn't realize how special she is even though everyone else can see it. Hard not to have your attention when she does something. She is amazingly fun to talk to. She always has a story for you. She makes you smile =) One of my favorite things about her. Yeah I am just blabbering on about this girl but hey, why not when she deserves it<3 Cutey
"Hey man did you see that Kimberly girl?"
"Yeah man she is spicey!!"

Haha hope you like it XD <3
by pimp daddy K to the max September 08, 2010
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small cute shy unique beautiful girl is very sweet and sexy and loves to have a good time loves sex and boys and is always the one to have a good laugh with
i want some of that kimberly

you be watchin that kimberly?
by LAPALORIA009 March 23, 2011
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Kimberly, amazing, sweet, perfect, cute, beautiful, funny, ravishing, stunning just to name a few, she will make you fall and hard, but she will be worth any time you get to spend with her, even if you lose her because you will never feel the same amount of love she will give you from anybody else.

I have one and she is my only Nomnom <3
by Conrad Sharman November 14, 2010
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Beautiful, sexy, sweet and smart. Even more beautiful on the inside. This girl will make all your dreams come true. You'll never want to take your eyes off of her, she'll always amaze you and make you laugh. Great in bed. The one you will never want to let go of and if you do you will regret forever.
Kimberly is the girl I want to marry.
by JRSesta February 23, 2010
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a total vampire book-obsessed girl. loves her striaght, black hair. is one of the most creative, determined, and smart people in the world. she IS the go-to girl when you need to vent and get advice. usually the first person in her group of friends that will suggest a party of a hang-out. can get pretty crazy when too hyped up.
"Hey, are you going to that girl's party?"
"The one with the straight black hair?"
"Yeah, her."
"Oh, yeah. That Kimberly always throws the best parties!"
by confused with the world April 26, 2013
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Kimberly is a nice friend.She doesn't like to talk a lot but is a good drawing.She will follow around because you are her best friend. She doesn't like when her friend talk smack.She is short.She has black her and brown eyes.If I were you i would hold on to her.
Kimberly is sooo smart.
Kimberly is improving in math.
by Marai March 24, 2019
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