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The sound effect that is made when eating. The "OM" is the chew. Alternatively Nomnom is used to describe something tasty or nutritious.
Guy:I had a big cheesy pizza for tea yesterday

by Hebezz March 05, 2008
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1. to eat with extreme delight

2. to nibble on something litte if specified


1. noise made when food is fucking good nd u wanna show everybody
"Lets go to mcdonalds" Jack
"Mmmm I'm going to Nom Nom 3 double quarter pounders" Chris

"Ow wtf? U bite my arm?" Bob
"No it wasnt a bite i nom nommed u" George

"U like that burger?" Steve
"Mmmm u love that burger
by Steve Perry jr July 22, 2008
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NOM-NOM is a planet located in the farthest region of the binary star system. This planet is inhabited by the Noms. The docile creatures resemble domesticated cats with the sleek body of the cheetah. This formerly jungle-like planet contained many flowing bodies of water and a vast amount of lush vegetation was razed and destroyed by terrorist space otters (AKA Oms) who turned the planet into a barren desert.
Nom: NOM-NOM used to be awesome until those damn otters came here.
by thpostalxservice January 10, 2010
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Nom Noms are a snack food or a food that is extremely delicious.

Nom noms get their name from the word nom, because nom nom sounds like your eating something.
Charles: "My favorite nom nom are cosmic brownies yo"

Joseph: "My favorite nom nom is pussy!!!"

Charles: "Um your a freak, your not allowed to eat my nom noms anymore"
by Dinkleberry Dan December 31, 2010
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Used to describe food. Can be any delicious food including but not limited to chicken fingers or dumplings.
Hey, veronica lets go get some nom noms. There's a new dim sum place that just opened up. Lets go get some nom noms now. Your buying.
by Loves bacon September 24, 2018
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Food. The phrase refers to the noise commonly made while chewing on food. Usually refers to a meal sized portion when one is hungry.
Person A: I'm hungry
Person B: Let's get some nom noms at the dining hall.
Person A: I'm not that hungry
Person B: I am, later sucka.
by TJ D May 27, 2008
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