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A lovely girl who genuinely wants the best for those who are around her. At times she can be misunderstood however anyone who befriends her is lucky to have her as a friend. She is slightly neeky and slightly cringe however her purity is all that matters.
I wish I had a friend like Kimberley she’s so lovely
by Onlyandrxa July 12, 2019
Walter has high aspirations and is normally very creative & projects that through the use of music. he usually likes the colours black and white and is known for his odd but stylish fashion sense. He is quite chilled and is some body that everyone likes in general. He loves to use phrases like “izef” and “ayeee” to project his inner rapper. Walter is iconic. Walter will dominate the music scene. Be like Walter.
Cameron: brooo listen to this song I found it’s called finesse SZN
Jeremiah: that’s fucking harddd Whos it by?
Cameron: Walter aka izef
by Onlyandrxa July 13, 2019
Think of this as the Gucci version of the rinsed Poundland term sweet one. Stupendous confectionery is an exaggerated term used to compliment people nowadays.
Jay: Ayo pree that ting over there she’s sweet ahlie.

Tyrique: yhhhh bro coming like one stupendous confectionary
by Onlyandrxa July 13, 2019
Overall funny guy but can be a dickhead at times, his presence can light up the room although he is known for being the ultimate wallad. He struggles with moving to girls and expects all girls to move to him first, other than that he’s a good person in general and has a good heart.
You remind me of Arka looool he’s a joker
by Onlyandrxa July 12, 2019
This name stems from Ghana, Guys called kojo tend to be very odd and really weird however if you’re around then your guaranteed to smile at one point because they’ll do the funniest things. Texting a kojo May be a bit of a headache as they tend to struggle with saying things with their chest, unsending messages is kojos best friend.
Jasmine: this kojo don won’t stop tryna move me
Trisha: block him maann he scares me
by Onlyandrxa July 13, 2019
Amina has a very hard exterior and is a strong minded female. If you get on the wrong side of her she can violate you into depression. However Amina is lovely and quite emotional on the inside & treats those who respect her with respect back. She is known for having gorgeous eyes and the best violations so boys may have to keep an eye out for Amina cause she’ll make you catch feelings and fuck you up if you play with her emotions.
Danté: I really want a girl like Amina una but she’s a tough one icl
Chris: real talkkk but move her u can tell she’s genuine
by Onlyandrxa July 13, 2019
Sumiya is an all round joker she’s that girl that actually makes you laugh whether you want to admit it or not and she’s someone that gets along with most people unless you give her a reason not to like you. Sumiya is unproblematic and nice to be around. Everyone needs a sumiya In their life.
Hannah: I need a friend like sumiya she’s bare chilled
Tyra: bmtttt
by Onlyandrxa July 13, 2019