1: Cheating on.
Girl: Well you know... I've been seeing other people-

Boy: fuck off you slut
by bruhthisismyhandle August 19, 2021
she's already seeing someone......sorry, man
jessica: we need to see other people

bob: you're cheating on me?!

jessica: how'd you know?!

bob: Urban Dictionary

jessica: oooooh
by Johnnykins April 26, 2008
A break up phrase very commonly used to get out of the relationship. However it has double meaning
I think we should see other people = HaHa! I already am.
by Ephermeris August 5, 2005
What a hoebag says when they want to break up with you most likely because they are seeing someone else. This means "haha, i already am seeing other people. fuck you."
by mcnuggetdestroyer December 31, 2018