8 definitions by Kilroy

The leetest mother fucker in the world. He owns your ass.
Bill: Dood, I saw Phil before. He is one leet mother fucker.
by Kilroy April 08, 2005
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A scottish noun, meaning wandering beggar. best word evar.
The gaberlunzie waited at the side of the road for a copper from the gent.
by Kilroy November 20, 2003
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Miffo^ is not a human, nor is he an animal. He is the missing link between humans and animals. He can be found next to your trash can eating trash.
I saw Miffo^ at the scrap yard yesterday! :O
by Kilroy November 30, 2004
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A crotch with no genitalia. Similar to what Matt Damon has in Dogma. Generally used in a derogatory sense.
Shut your kotch.
You're a stupid kotch.
Go eat out a kotch.
Yeah, at least my girlfriend doesn't have a kotch.
by Kilroy September 25, 2005
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the pleasing nice-smelling beverage which acumulates on the floor of squat raves- natural and nutritious, asbestos guarunteed!
ahhhh blud my face is all covered in sqaut juice
by Kilroy April 21, 2005
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Slang term used by Smith; typically used right before the act of smiting.
He cried, "SUCK IT, DOLPHIN", just as he smacked the bitch across the head with an extension cord.
by Kilroy January 28, 2004
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