3 definitions by shiieru

The country up north that says aboot and eh, and isn't Canada.

It is very patriotic and has some good local rugby teams, some top-quality football teams, great pies, beer, and an education system that 0wnz all others.

Only bad thing is the climate, which is a bit duff.
by shiieru November 6, 2003
A chat programme about the strangest of subjects that is on at 9am on BBC1 most of the time. Very silly.
And now the people without a piece of skin on their left kidney unite and tell us of their grief...
by shiieru September 6, 2003
A word meaning 'about' said by eastern Canadians, the Scots (well, southern Scots anyway) and parts of north-east England.

One of the greatest words that isn't in the English language.
"What's this aboot?"
by shiieru November 13, 2003