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Kili is the most amazing and sweet girl you could ever meet. She is kind and sensitive but also protective and can be mean. She knows the right time to speak and always has the best words. She is absoloutly beautiful in every way, is very talented, and is a very trustworthy individual.

Don't get her angry though, she is a tough soul that will defend herself and others in the right way. You will defiantly regret messing with her.
Landon: Bro who is that amazing looking girl over there?

Aiden: That's Kili dude, you didn't know?!

Landon: No, I didn't.

Aiden: Bruh, how are we even friends.
by OxTrofTin15 August 09, 2016
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A deadly sexually and mental transmitted disease that derives from the word "kill". Causes indiviuals to hallucinate and burst out in rabie like scabs. Do not approach they are a danger to society.
A Kili, brown, furry
by dontdawgme May 08, 2011
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