Kid A was frightened by his surreal, unexplained, surroundings.
by Kid B September 09, 2003
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4th studio album by Radiohead. Arguably one of the greatest albums to come out of the first decade of the 21st century. It should be noted that to get the best experience out of the album, one should listen to it at a state of pure euphoria. In other words, it is recommended that one listens to it after smoking much pot.
Jon: "Dude, I am looking through your library and I have noticed we have not listened to, 'Kid A.'"

Paul: "No man, save it. We need to be at the highest of the highs before we can truly enjoy it."
by fredthemute January 07, 2010
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An expression used in the music industry which means: To completely reinvent your style of music. This originates from the Radiohead album of the same name in which they completely reinvented their music.
1) Visually Impaired Placenta's new album is a complete Kid A.

2) Coldplay have done a Kid A.
by Wallamanage July 29, 2005
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Knight In Dented Armour, like knight in shining armour but they've been through the wars
Daniel was her knight in shining armour (KISA) but after fighting to defend her for so long his armour was dented and worn, proof of his chivalry. Hence KIDA
by Eratis October 08, 2019
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a character on merentha played by a total douche bag
that dickhole kid a is scripting with mush again
by illist killist October 15, 2007
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one half of the foozball freakz organization
kid a of foozball freaks lost to cap'n kelmo of S.S. Sink.
by toolbox October 20, 2003
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