To ring a random person's doorbell and run. Hence "ding dong" ditch.
I played ding dong ditch for hours, until I got caught.
by FemmeFatale June 22, 2005
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To go to multiple doors and ring the door bell, only to run away before the person comes to open the door.
Jaron and his cousins decide to ding dong ditch. Instead of having fun, a pedo old guy in a pink shirt comes out with a shovel and says he called the police. Just don't ding dong ditch at pedos doors :)
by pseudonymsareawesome June 17, 2011
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to ring someone's door bell and then run away....
Kevin- yo did u hear about mike, denis, danny, matt,rodrigo, and chris they are the masters of ding dong ditching, they got almost every house in the fort lee cliffside area
by mike990dwa September 4, 2005
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To knock on someone's door, or ring their doorbell, and then run away. Hiding nearby to watch the person's reaction is optional.

Known as "Nigger Knocking" in less politically-correct times and less politically-correct places such as the Deep South.
"I'm bored. Let's go ding dong ditch mean old Mr. Wilson next door and then hide in the bushes to watch his reaction."
by Chickendog Jackson July 9, 2009
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1. A group of fuckery teens rings someones doorbell for shits and giggles and then runs away in hopes of giggles, adrenaline, and entertainment.
2. When you realize the person you've been having sex with lately is a fuckwit, fuckboy, fuck tard or any/all of the above, therefore you determine to abort the mission of having sex with them in the future.
At all stages in life one must consider playing ding dong ditch.
by PineappleJuice March 20, 2015
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