The click of the tongue that most people use when irritated, pissed, or finds something/someone annoying or unamusing
Mary: John, he's at it again
John: TSK!That boy never learns
by Madlover27 February 27, 2015
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the clicky sound ya make wit ur tongue when ur lookin down on sumbody
mama-did u kno johnny boy got put in jail??
papa-TSK TSK, i alwayz thot he was a good ol boy!
by kinkyC November 11, 2002
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that lil laugh thing that people do when they find something funny but it’s not funny enough to laugh at so they just kinda make the “T” sound

almost like when you’re explaining how to pronounce the alphabet to kids, u say “T makes tih-tih-“
“i flunked the test bro”
“tsk, same i guessed on everything
by microwavedbeefsack January 26, 2022
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A term of annoyance; also-the Sinned Knight
Tsk...he always gets the last piece of chicken.
by Duo.exe August 13, 2008
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some gay ass gang that claims 559. psssh!!!
Last night, I beat the hell out of that genzel bitch from tsk.
by tsk_killa! September 9, 2008
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when someone shoves a sharp object up ur asshole while you are doing push ups
"I totally tsked that guy dude!"
"oh, thats why he was bleeding!"
by geeimatree April 24, 2006
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abbreviation of thanks in Turkish language. tesekkurler tsk
tsk god you saved me!
by Schizop March 11, 2017
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