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Kickle (V) - Kickle is the combining of two legendary forces known simply as tickle and kick. To perform this attack usually you must kick the person hard enough and tickle them after words as a sugar and spice effect. Usually used in a pissed off situation. The discovery of this word came from a drunken night on 3/28/2010 at 230am.
Brett : Alright Kyle are you sure you want McDonalds?

Kyle : Yeah (Laughs)

Chad : What do you want to eat buddy?

Kyle : Double cheeseburger large combo coke no ice, and a crispy chicken snack wrap ranch! Booyah!

Chad (To Brett) For Kyle being drunk he ordered quite well...

Brett: Agreed

Kyle : I better get my chicken snack wrap or ill kickle them.

Chad and Brett burst in laughter!

"I'm so mad I could just kickle them"
by Adam Rizor March 28, 2010
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(verb) to kick someone in the face when they tickle your feet, whether on purpose or by accident.
She was tickling my feet so I had no choice but to kickle her in the face.
by carrk96 March 11, 2010
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When you or your bae kisses the others face with such ferocity and passion that a tickling sensation occurs for the receiver.
Wow, last night Tomas kickled me so hard that I almost burst out with laughter and pee.
by Big fudge February 27, 2015
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The scene: Creeper in a narrow dorm hallway won't stop pestering the floor's inhabitants (ie female inhabitants).

Response: kickle him (minimum two persons required). Surrounding him on either side of the hallway, Creeper finds himself in a PICKLE type of situation. He runs back and forth between two surrounding persons, until said persons decide to move on to step two. As one of the 'surrounders' pokes Creeper in both eyes, the other proceeds to KICK Creeper in the nuts and watch him crumple to the floor. While in this weakened state, the surrounders cut off his dick and commence the pickling process (of the dick). After dick has been PICKLED, the surrounders may proceed to further taunt Creeper by playing monkey-in-the-middle (Creeper in the middle) with the pickled (and newly jarred) penis. Game ends when Creeper catches and leaves with pickled penis, never to return to the dorm again.

This whole process is called 'kickling', the past tense is 'kickled', but the verb is 'to kickle.'
"Damn girl we KICKLED his ass!"

"He will not mess wif us no mo afta dat kickling."
by S'Allison November 12, 2008
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1)An act of violence usually caused by offending one's mother.

2)A party activity involving a skinny white male laying on the floor, being kicked in the ribs by many other large, usually blacker, men.
1)You say one mo' fing 'bout mah mumma and I gon' give ya a kickle, sucka!

2)Dat whitey-ass cracka's gettin' a Kickle, Yo dawg shibbidy dibbidy!

by Ahh September 24, 2003
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the tingly feelings that you get when someone makes you happy and when someone surprises you
"Happy Birthday!" The birthday person will feeling all kickled inside because of the excitement.
by Anita Bath February 15, 2005
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