Short for No Homo, meaning not in a homosexual way. Created by some white kids from Amityville, NY.
I could really go for a footlong right now. NO MO

Do you like the taste of my meat? NO MO

His head is so big. NO MO, OMG NO MO!!
by Xclusive April 02, 2005
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a shortened version of "no homo"
meaning not homosexual.

invented in Scarsdale, NY in February 2009 by Tess.
Girl: nomo.

by cbears February 12, 2009
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Meaning having No Motivation. Being tired or fedup.
I have nomo right now, Ill do it tomorrow.
by Spudrick Muffilton May 01, 2016
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No'mo stands for not homosexual or the recently popular, "no homo."

1. You don't think an individual in question is gay.

2. You made a comment that could be taken homosexually, and want to nullify it.
1. Oh, Nick is too much of a slob, he's definitely no'mo.

2. Guy1: "Hot dogs are my favorite!"
Guy2: "Dude, really?"
Guy1: "NO'MO!"
by allieallosaurus July 22, 2009
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Verb. A common prank among undergraduate civil engineering students, in which the victim has his or her locker stuffed with 100s of useless nomographs. In addition to implying that the victim is a homo (due to the similar spelling) it implies that the student is useless and outdated, just like nomographs have been since the introduction of computers.
"Looks like you just got nomoed!"
"You've got mad NOMOS!"
by CivieAvenger April 25, 2010
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Someone who is not a mormon (opposite of "momo").
I thought Justin was nomo, but then I saw the Book of Mormon in his car and realized he was momo.

When I go to Salt Lake City, I feel like everyone can tell I'm nomo just by looking at me.
by Rico Detroit March 01, 2008
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