Short for No Homo, meaning not in a homosexual way. Created by some white kids from Amityville, NY.
I could really go for a footlong right now. NO MO

Do you like the taste of my meat? NO MO

His head is so big. NO MO, OMG NO MO!!
by Xclusive April 3, 2005
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short for "no mormons". Used against LDS students throughout the west because they get preferential treatment in schools.
Joey: There goes a mormon!

Joey and Clive: NO MO!!

Sheltered mormon kid: Huh?
by David J. Hernandez May 24, 2005
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It is like dimsim but only a thousand times tastier it is dipped in delicious sauce and eaten. Main momo's are chicken and buff.
chicken Mo mosare so nice!
by nepalyz_urbdictinary June 19, 2006
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Another way of saying "Moron".
I can't believe you screwed that up! Nice job, Mo Mo!
by Adam Cecchini January 3, 2006
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