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Derived from the word ketamine, can now be used to define something hyped or rave-like. For example, ketty music is drum and bass, techno etc., a ketty scenario is energetic or pumped up. No longer directly means the drug itself, but the feeling you get from it.
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by Hausparty100 July 03, 2017
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Slang term for an illegal drug popular among teenagers.
We took loads of ketty at the party last night.
by kivafanhan January 31, 2015
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Ketty is a jokey slang word for the drug ketamine , most people usually abbreviate ketamine as "ket" but a few people , usually teenagers , refer to in as ketty in a jokey way
A : "are you going to jacks tonight"
B : "is there going to be ketty there?"
A : "yeah he'll probably bring it"
B : "then I'm down"
by colourful bird Oioi February 01, 2017
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