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To pull out of a female, blow load in left hand, and throw cum at a high velocity on a woman's chest.
Last night I kershawed on my chick's tits, think I hit mid 80's with that jizz.
by Sugar Ray October 01, 2014
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When you get absolutely obliterated whilst out clubbing, pass out in the club toilets and wake up in hospital.
Man, I can't remember anything from last night, I was so kershawed!
by Sambesam June 01, 2017
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The act of shaking a girls hand in a proper manner after having sex with her. Knowing that you will ignore her because now you have no interest.
The night was going great until I was kershawed he still hasn't called me back!

Yeah man I totally kershawd that bitch, she actually thought I liked her haha.
by SM JOE SM April 29, 2010
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