Heartbreak in the form of a baseball team. Seriously, they have great seasons up until June. Then the whole thing goes to hell. Then everyone goes back to what they were doing before they cared about baseball.
How 'bout them Los Angeles Dodgers?

~Dude they suck!

Whaddya mean, they were good like 2 weeks ago. They lead the NL West ffs!

~Tell me about.
by pandawa February 16, 2011
A baseball team originally from Brooklyn, relocated midcentury to Los Angeles. Also, the arch enemy of the San Francisco Giants.
Man, those friggin dodgers fans always start fights at the game!
by matt October 5, 2003
Preferred team of trashy asians and 99.9% of LA's mexican inhabitants. Never go to Dodger Stadium wearing SF Giants or non-USC (i.e. UCLA) paraphernalia, or you will be heckled, mugged, and then raped by a hoard of cholos.
Dodger Cholo 1: yo homie, that bitch is wearing some giants shit
Cholo 2: aiight let's go fuck him up and steal his rims, ese....
by evil monkey October 20, 2004
A Major League Baseball team originating from Brooklyn, NY, which moved to Los Angeles. Colors are white and blue.
The Los Angeles Dodgers play the San Francisco Giants tomorrow.
by Isi Oamen October 2, 2003
Other than the Yankees, the best baseball club in America. 14 World Series apperances with players such as Sandy Koufax, Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza and Jackie Robinson
Vin Sculley has been commenting Los Angeles Dodgers games since the fiftys, now that's passion for your team!
by Spikesy June 3, 2006