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Kenza is one of the most beautiful girls in the world with an amazing personality. She has incredibly soft hands and is there for you when you need her most. she is willing to please and if she is in a bad mood, you had best make her happy. she cares about you if you give the time to care about her. she is very intimate and is a lovely person

I know all of this because i am lucky enough to be dating a kenza
person 1: hey have you seen kenza lately?
person 2: yeah man shes even cuter than usual!


person 2: my guy. i just asked out kenza
person 1: What'd she say!?
person 2: she said yeah!
person 1: good for you bro
by Handled Venus June 30, 2018
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a beautiful human being who likes to have "fun" if you know what i mean:) ***wink*** ***wink***

she is so pretty and has a lot of friends a is/should be a model!
"damn kenza is hot"
"i like kenza…A LOT"
"i want to be kenza…..."
by ozeballs November 08, 2011
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very sexy
likes computer character "ozeballs"
"damn that girl kenza is hot"
"i want to fuck kenza"
"she SO pretty"
by janice yard November 07, 2011
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A fairly popular name for Moroccan kids.

In western cultures it is used to describe mealy, unappetizing food, usually of vegan origin. Good example of "Kenza style" food include chick-peas and quinoa.

Another use of the word is a "Kenza diet" in which the victim limits themselves to raw, organic vegetables produced within 100 miles of their home.
Dude, I'm so broke that I'm cooking Kenza-style, can you spare me some canned leeks?

Man, that Kenza diet got me so skinny that whenever I inhale helium I float off the ground.
by Balloonboyhop February 04, 2010
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Very funny french madam with poofy hair (spams filter selfies to streaks)
Kenza: If you type in Kenza Porn, a french porn vid will come up
Me: Aaron is slang in india for pimp
by Toonz123 March 03, 2018
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