Kennedy's are extremely gorgeous, and the most wonderful person you will ever meet. She makes you so happy and you want to sneak one kiss in. Its hard to resist holding her hand. You feel that if you can just hold her hand, you will be the luckiest person alive.
Kennedy is so hot...I wish I could date her...
by i only tell the truth May 23, 2016
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Kennedy is the best daughter ever. She typically has long blonde, straight hair, and blue eyes. She is usually tall and skinny. She has nice curves though. She is nice, funny, and extremely gorgeous. She is unforgetable. She is a cheerleader. She goes on vacations a lot. She goes to Disney World, Cruises, and the beach all the time. She likes to take her friends places. she is a very good very and she can keep secrets well. She doesn't like to get left out. She tells the truth and does not beat around the bush. She is hard to get because she has been hurt to many times. if you get one you are very lucky they are good kissers. She is a bubbly person, and a must have friend. Get a Kennedy!
Did you see that gorgeous, bubbly person over there? Yeah, her name is kennedy.
by bethrox23 February 09, 2012
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A “Kennedy” is a reference to the exceptional sexual drive of the eponymous US president. It refers to having vaginal, oral and anal sex the same night and in no particular order. A good night in!
I had a Kennedy last night. The girl is hot, mate
by Fab the Frog July 12, 2009
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To be a "Kennedy" is to be exceptionally clever and strong.
"Kennedy"'s are often Famous, Notorious or infamous
A "Kennedy" is the sworn enemy of chavs, goths, moshers and nemos.
"Kennedy"'s also have an abnormally amount of nationalism and patriotism.
Dr. Dre is a proper "Kennedy"
That gangster who got shot was a "Kennedy"
Hitler was an extremist, but he was also a "Kennedy"
by CDKennedy February 15, 2007
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Kennedy is a rare species of girl that is the sweetest of it's kind. Kennedy is a keeper. She is the best girl ever. To find this species of girl is uncommon. If you love her she will love you back. Kennedy's favorite candy is Reese's. Kennedy will always respond back to you. She always is kind and outrageous. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
Dang Kennedy why are you so hot.
by Carrrrrrcarrrrrrrr March 12, 2017
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A very athletic girl. She's not only sporty, but she is very smart as well. At first she will be shy, but they very funny. Very pretty, usually with brown hair and blue or green eyes. Her hair is also unbelievably soft. Everyone seems to enjoy being around her. Just don't make her mad, she's strong and tough. And very hard to stay mad at. They are know to become very successful in life. Kennedys are known for being original. They are leaders, not followers. Have an amazing skill at playing sports as well. Kennedys are all around amazing.
This Kennedys a real something.
by Urban_dictionary_original July 09, 2016
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She may be beautiful, but behind her beauty is a world of secrets. You may think you love her and she is the one you want, but shes not who you think she is. Be careful with Kennedys.
Kennedy looks hot today....and every day
by i only tell the truth May 23, 2016
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