A “Kennedy” is a reference to the exceptional sexual drive of the eponymous US president. It refers to having vaginal, oral and anal sex the same night and in no particular order. A good night in!
I had a Kennedy last night. The girl is hot, mate
by Fab the Frog July 12, 2009
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A rare species of girl that is the sweetest out all the girls. We you get to know her she is the most loving person ever. Kennedy's favorite candy is Reese's. Kennedy is a keeper. If you treat her with care she will be the best person you will ever meet.
Dang Kennedy why do you have to be so hot
by Carrrrrrcarrrrrrrr March 12, 2017
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Kennedy, a beautiful- fun loving girl who you can laugh you're ass off with for hours. Lives life with no limits and is always down to have a good time. But don't be fooled, Kennedy has a great head on her shoulders. Makes an amazing friend that always has you're back and is extremely reliable. If she cares for you, you just won the lottery because she is one of the most genuine, kind hearted people you will ever meet. Typically a blond with a figure you would die for.
"Yeah, kennedy is my bestfriend, come near and I will cutt you😘"
by Kboss12345 November 18, 2016
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Kennedy's are extremely gorgeous, and the most wonderful person you will ever meet. She makes you so happy and you want to sneak one kiss in. Its hard to resist holding her hand. You feel that if you can just hold her hand, you will be the luckiest person alive.
Kennedy is so hot...I wish I could date her...
by i only tell the truth May 24, 2016
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Kennedy is a very lovely girl, she will put others over herself. but knows where her beauty lies, she knows when to let someone know when they're in the wrong. She's funny, awesome, and is very creative, she'll be the best friend/sister/girlfriend she could be.
Girl: Kennedy, you are a very good friend

Kennedy; I try
by thisissomewhatajoke January 7, 2021
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She is an amazing friend. She's very trustworthy. Her smile will make your day. She's also an amazing person to talk to. She will do everything to make the people around her happy.
Kennedy is a beautiful, loving, kind, trustworthy, honest, and amazing person
by anonymous52 October 6, 2019
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Used to describe as cool, hot, awesome, etc. Most commonly used in Northern Indiana. Also see, Tight, Phat, Sick.
That bitch is straight Kennedy!

Dude, last night's party was Kennedy. I got so fucked up!
by Juice8732 August 22, 2007
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