(Verb) - To approach a female, typically at a party, and proceed to put one arm around her waist. No words are exchanged at any point during the act of Kennedying. Depending on ones mental state, alcohol consumption, and confidence level, Kennedying can last anywhere from 2-14 minutes.

Common slang used in the Northeast region of the United States, originating somewhere in central Massachusetts in the early 2000's.
"What?! You banged that 10 last night? How'd you pull it off?"
"I saw her from across the bar and just started Kennedying"
by checK August 4, 2014
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She is outgoing & speaks her mind she is very pretty , & smart , she is Shy at first but when she open up too you you will love her & she gets along good with pretty light skin girls , she is very nice to everyone & but also has a mean side & she is not a fighter but will fight ,& she is very petty & she is not to be messed with & all the dudes want kennedi
#i wanna be like Kennedi
#my man won't stop texting kennedi
by If it's a name i know it February 9, 2018
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Kennedi is a loyal bae or wife, She's brave, Brilliant,Funny,Faithful,Beautiful,Has a big booty,Athlete,and has a mean side. If you make Kennedi mad R.I.P. She's really popular she's nice to everybody and she's really respectful (Sometimes) She's a teacher pet. She can dance and sing really well. AND IIIiiiiiIIIiiiIi WILL ALWAYS LoVE YOUuuuuUuu. (Sorry Whitney but Kennedi just stole your crown)
by Kennedibigfan June 21, 2017
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A very loyal, cool, and popular person. Makes friends very easily, intelligent, someone people love to be around. Kind hearted, but also has a mean streak. LOVES to have fun, and hang out. Also has a wild side!
by Kennediiscool January 3, 2012
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Kennedi is a gorgeous girl who has a passion of dance. She laughs alot and is very and goofy, but she has a mean streak if you try her. She loves hanging out with friends and going places with her family. Kennedi is allergic to drama so don't bring it near her. She may seem shy at first but, it takes time for her to adjust to you, and when she does she's known as "the girl who has issues".
Kennedi is lit. Get you a Kennedi. Its worth it.
by @ohthatskkay January 15, 2017
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Kennedi is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She is so HOT and once you fall in love with her there is no way of coming back out. 💘💗
by Ayden_8 February 2, 2018
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Kennedy is an amazing person who will always be there for. If your a fake friend I would back off because she might threaten but she is too nice to beat you up. She will just cry and cry because you left her in the dirt and you will eventually feel horrible for it. Kennedy is very very beautiful and trust me she will deny but she is. If you do something for her she will do the same for you or something better. She is the best friend, sister, or just person you will ever meet. The boys might not admit it but they all want Kennedy! Once again just telling you she is the best person EVER, bitchy or not.
OMG did you see Kennedy's outfit today, its so pretty!
by Angie(best friend) January 7, 2018
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