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Kennedy is the tallest most beautiful person ever! She is so sweet and kind! She wants the best for everyone. She’s been through so much but that’s what makes her so strong! She has bones or steel! She has a very tender side to her that she doesn’t really ever show. But if she does you have to be her shoulder. She’s very smart. She rarely asks for help but if she does HELP HER! She cares so much about others. She hates very few people and if you are one of those you have made a terrible mistake! She would never wish wrong for someone. She is definitely a goody-goody. She’s very reliable and loyal. If you tell her a secret there’s not way she’ll tell ANYONE! It takes a while to break her out of her shell but once you do there is nothing you won’t love about her!
Oh my gosh, Kennedy is so tall!
by Ryleebear3 December 30, 2019
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Anna is one of the prettiest girls you will every meet! She is hard as rocks! It takes a lot to bring her down. She will try her hardest to solve the problems you have. She can be very stubborn at times but that’s what makes her such a reliable person. She’s very loyal. There’s no changing her mind. She fits in perfectly! No matter what you guys go through, you will always get over it. She will always love you. If you find an Anna don’t leave her. She’s in it for the long run.
by Ryleebear3 December 30, 2019
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Rachel is one of the most beautiful people you will every meet! She has a great sense of humor. She always looks at life in a way nobody else can! She’s a huge band nerd! She loves life. She makes the best of any situation. If she’s upset something is really wrong. She’s very outgoing. She can change the mood of a room just by walking in. There’s nothing you won’t love about her. When she’s set on something there’s no way you’re changing her mind. She always goes into situations head first. She’s easy to love. If you find a Rachel, don’t let her go. She will brighten your life up!
Rachel is the light that shines brighter than the rest
by Ryleebear3 December 30, 2019
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Josiah is one of the greatest people you will ever meet! He is so musically gifted and so much more! He has amazing dark brown/black curly hair, he’s super tall, and overall amazing. He is so romantic and funny. He will do anything to make his special someone happy. He has such a great sense of humor. He’s very dorky. Once you get to know him there’s nothing you won’t find great. You’ll definitely fall hard. If you find a Josiah, don’t let him go. He’ll take you on the greatest journey of your life.
Have you herd Josiah’s music?! It’s incredible!
by Ryleebear3 June 4, 2019
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Gabe is one of the funniest people you will every know! He knows every button to press to make you happy. He has light brown hair, glasses, skinny, and he’s really tall. He is extremely friendly and respectful! He loves making stupid jokes. He might be a band nerd, but there’s nothing you won’t love about him! He always thinks of others! He’s kind of a flirt (depending on the person) and he’s a people person! He likes talking and won’t stop. He tries his best to know everyone! When he’s does wrong, he won’t stop till he makes it right. He’s very open about his life and opinion once he gets to know you. He might get shy about certain things, but ones he trust you there’s nothing he won’t tell you. He’s the most amazing and loving guy every! If you find a Gabe, don’t let him go! He will be your best friend no matter what! ♥️
Have you met Gabe yet?! He’s amazing!
Have you met Gabe yet?
by Ryleebear3 December 8, 2018
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