Kennedy is the girl that you never forget. The girl that when you walk into a room she glows. She’s the kind of girl that if you ever have the chance of meeting you will never wanna let go or say goodbye too. She is the most kind and loving person you will know. Her beauty is unmatched and her personality is one of kind. Truly a girl that you never know existed. A girl that you would be happy just to spend 2 secs with. She is the reason you do things. She makes you a better man. Her optimism and strive are unprecedented againist any other girl. She’s more than a girlfriend material. She’s a wife, a girl that will be there when you need her and by your side on your darkest hour. Words can’t explain her, because she will make you lose your breath. A girl that makes you speechless because you can’t find the words to tell her how amazing she really is. Truly a gift, a blessing that you will always appreciate.
Wow, Kennedy is amazing
by LunaC123 April 1, 2019
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Kennedy is a silly, wacky and lovable girl. She tends to you when you need it; she's too nice to hurt someones feelings. She's hella fly and might have a huge forehead. You can count on a Kenendy to keep it real and compliment you constantly. If your'e in need of someone to talk to or lose some fortnite games with, hit up your nearest Kennedy and hold on to her. She might call you a bitch sometimes, but she doesn't mean it. Stay sisters with a Kennedy as long as you can; she is the
Person 1: Who is your dream gurl
Everyone sensible: Kennedy
by bigdickboy69420 November 23, 2018
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Kennedy is boy who likes takis
As a person Kennedy
by Qepfyypdygdndd January 29, 2019
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Kennedy is a rare species of girl that is the sweetest of it's kind. Kennedy is a keeper. She is the best girl ever. To find this species of girl is uncommon. If you love her she will love you back. Kennedy's favorite candy is Reese's. Kennedy will always respond back to you. She always is kind and outrageous. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
Dang Kennedy why are you so hot.
by Carrrrrrcarrrrrrrr March 12, 2017
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The sexiest person alive and the funniest, you might think shes a prude at first but trust me once you get to know them they are not at all! And Kennedy's are FUCKING AMAZING IN BED!!!
Guy1:Damn that girl over there is HOt
Guy2:Yeah I know she must be a Kennedy
by December 6, 2015
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A girl who not only is a thot but also a hoe complains about being left on open even tho she just wants the attention doesn’t know that she is a thot but just is. She is very loud and noisy with friends but not when she is alone doesn’t care if a guy is hitting on her and hates mason
Kennedy is a person
by #smh August 26, 2018
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Has a best friend named Ashlee always is smart ,makes good decisions,loves art and has a sister. She can be stuck up at times but once you can snatch a Kennedy…NEVER let her go
Person 1:hey u see Kennedy over there
Person 2:yea ima go ask her out
by Landon Fords February 10, 2017
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