Kelvin is an amazing person, sweet and compassionate about things he cares about. Kelvin is very smart, even though he acts like he's not, and he's adorable beyond anything you could ever imagine. He is the funniest person you can meet and will make you laugh until your ribs hurt. He gets angry when people call him Kevin, and when he gets mad, he gets MAD. Never get on Kelvins nerves or you're in for a treat. Overall a Kelvin is someone who always looks out for his friends and has a girlfriend who loves him very much. If you ever meet a Kelvin in your life, make sure to hold him close and never let him go or you'll lose someone who is a extremely good friend.
Girl 1: Have you met Kelvin yet?
Girl 2: Ofc! He's so funny!
by Ayeimastranger October 17, 2020
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Kelvin. If you look into his eyes, you can see a passion, a sincerity which has yet to be known or understood by people. He posses a beautiful soul and his outer attractiveness is a mirror reflection of just how beautiful he is on the inside. he is lighthearted and will make you laugh with a blink of your eye and before you know it he will be hugging you to say 'you're cared for'.
He is an honest person and always strives to speak his truth, what he knows to be true in his heart. He does not judge people and sees them for who they are. The inner person beneath all the layers of fear, past heart aches, negative experiences and seeks to know a person for their insides (not their organs but their true spirit :))
An extremely caring person who will cross all boundaries to protect and shield the ones he loves. he loves his family to the zenith degree and adores animals and the loyalty that they bring into his life. He is admired by friends and loved by his family dearly. He is never alone. Even when he feels he is, he is never alone.
Inside him he harbors a deep love for people and wishes to contribute to the world. he is passionate, romantic and sweet the sweetest type of sweet one can find. He adores children and will make the most loving father and the perfect partner in life. he's incredibly sexy and his lips....... he's desired by all women and is loved very deeply by one girl especially, who he means everything to.
Girl 1: girl have you had coffee with Kelvin yet?
Girl 2: ummm... no not yet Im but still... a little scared
Girl 1: courage up woman... you can't let him go, he's too special to you, i can see in your eyes he means alot to you
Girl 2: i can't help it... i love him. ever second he's on my mind. he makes me the happiest person in the world
by skittlesarepretty June 29, 2010
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The boy who you'd do anything for because you just love him too much.
A good friend would never let you loose someone like Kelvin,
by skykopila November 12, 2014
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He is a nice but mean person he sometimes really honest with you depending how close you guys are he cares for his friends and family even though he might not show it he is also very sensitive guy but he might not show that part of him so be aware of that, he might not be nice to you but he’s just playing around with you never take things too seriously with him, he might just want to make you laugh and be friends. You will never meet a guy like him, he’s smart, funny, confident, sweet, sensitive, playful. He loves playing soccer as well, I mean a lot of Hispanics love playing soccer too, he loves playing with his friends even though they suck, he loves playing with his team and family. He is an amazing person to be friends with everyone should meet a guy like him.
Ex1:did you see kelvin today, I thought he was going to cry but he went to the nurse and got an ice pack

Girl1:wow kelvin is actually really nice

Girl2:don’t judge a book by its cover
by Best bitch in town May 25, 2018
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Kelvin is funny mean some times he’s ok in looks a lot of people don’t like him but he doesn’t really care he is chasing his dreams atm (to become a rapper)
Kelvin is Funny.
by Bye boy ion like you May 27, 2019
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A Guy That's Really Funny And Really Charismatic
Girl:Look At That Boy He Looks So Like A Kelvin
by Young Pouch February 6, 2010
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A name derived from the River Kelvin in Scotland. A friend who will always be there for you. An absolute sweetheart and a cutie. Kelvin is a friend who has always got your back and his loyalty knows no bounds. This person is usually someone who can give a ridiculous amount of compliments but cannot take one! Being friends with a Kelvin will make you feel on top of the world and the luckiest person alive.
Kelvin is such a cutie.
I'm so lucky to be friends with Kelvin.

Awww, we love Kelvin.
by Ihavespoken123 January 28, 2021
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